o  Scans of the pi-N Newsletters have been archived for 
    future reference.

 o  Pion-photoproduction fit with Chew-Mandelstam form added.

 o  Pi-N solution with explicit Chew-Mandelstam K-matrix poles added.

 o  Added fits to MAID-generated pseudo-data -> amplitudes to study
    model dependence of the multipole analysis

 o  Added comparison of fits to data (pi-N, NN, pion photoproduction)

 o  Added 3D pole plots to the pion-nucleon page.

 o  Added two-pion production branch to SAID 

 o  Added fits to a Benchmark set of pion photoproduction
    data. A writeup describing the exercise is available.

 o  Added Sigma photoproduction channels to the kaon
    photoproduction program/database.

 o  Streamlined the scripts handling total cross section
    observables (no longer have to remember that the fixed
    variable is Acm = 0).

 o  Updated the HTML source for the GW site.

 o  GW SAID site established.
 o  Added Q**2 evolution option to electroproduction. Displays
    multipoles (pE and pM) at Q**2 = 0, 0.1, 0.5, 1.0 GeV**2
        and           (pS) at Q**2 =    0.1, 0.5, 1.0 GeV**2
 o  Added preliminary electroproduction options to view database,
    observables (in groups), and multipole amplitudes. 

 o  Added Comparison option for each reaction. For a given observable, 
    this allows two solutions to be compared on the same plot.
 o  Added option to change a particular pion photoproduction multipole
    (in magnitude) and show how this change alters the prediction of
    a chosen observable.

 o  Added kaon photoproduction as a new reaction type.

 o  Added eta photoproduction as a new reaction type.